Need a good folder structure template : Digital Asset Management

Hi ,

I am looking for a good sample template of a reliable folder structure to be used with My Documents in Windows.This needs to include different catagories based on criterias like
1. Work / Personal / Research
2. Graphics / Coding /
3. Photos / Music / Movies
4. eBooks
5. Softwares (old version/ updates + patches )
6. Downloads for software evaluation

Scenario &  Environment :
Basically, I am trying to get organized with my PC and Laptop, after which I need to implement a proper backup stratagy.I use a portable harddrive to move data between them. Temporary backups will be made to the portable HDD and permenant ones to DVD-R's.I work a lot on photography(importing,emailing,etc with Picassa), programming (VB, VBScripting, VBA etc.) , graphics (Photoshop,Bridge), network designing (documents,excels) and also on the personal front finance related documents like bank statements, tax proofs etc. Also I use Microsoft VMs to development & testing tasks , which I need to backup regularly (only the project folders in Visual Studio) with proper versioning.

Please do provide your suggestions and stratagies that can be easily implemented and maintained.

Thanks & regards,
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S_ManiConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
That was a very simplified one.I a looking for a detailed structure

- S.Mani
Mark PavlakCommented:
I generally Classify Everything genreal then specific.  IE my Scripts Folder looks like this
               /Ad Scrtips
               /AD HTA
               /File Manipulation
              / Previous
Then I have general folders of Word,Excel,Access,OneNote  Which subdivided.  I basically would say I used the doc type to lay the outine like MY PIctures refers to a doc type of pictures all excel or .xls xlsx would be under the excel folder.  I hope this helps
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