Deploying Printers via Group policy and they appear twice via win2008std

I am using a win 2008 std server to deploy the printers we have. I am doing it by selecting the computer configuration, then selecting pref, cont panel, printers, in there I am specifying the IP address of the printer and the share with the action create.

Then I go into User Configuration and then select pref, cont panel, printers, in there I am specifying the share and using the default printer tick box wth the action update.

These GPs are working fine but the problem that I am getting is that when I look at the printers on the client they appear twice, so I see the printer then I get the printer e.g. xerox_7400 then i get it again xerox_7400 on printserver. I can print via both but the problem comes when I get to a big office with more than one printer, thus giving the user all the printers twice, so if my room has 12 printers they all get 24 show up.

Any Ideas, I guess its showing up twice because of the two places I have inputted this, but to get a default printer set I cant see a way without using both, but that doesnt mean I need to use both, hence the question.

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nettek0300Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The reason they appear twice is because you have a user policy and a computer policy.  You only need one.  If you want anyone using the computer to have that printer, then you make a computer policy.  If you want a specific  group of users to have a printer, then you would need the user policy.  The user would have the printer set up no matter what computer they log into.
You should be able to just create the printers under the User Configuration section which allows you to set a default printer.
is ad doing the other printer
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Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
confusing myself with all this research,
ok the plan is I have 100 OUs with pc's in all of them each ou has a printer, so what I need to do is a gp that says any user logging on an pc within any of these ou's should get the printer that is in the ou and i want that to be set at default.

ahhh brain melt sorry
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
a computer policy is the way forward but the problem I hit is when I have more than one printer in a room, is there a way to get a default set? thats the reason why i created the user side aswell which is causing the duplicate problem.

The whole default printer thing seems a bit of a nightmare.

thanks for your answers so far btw!
You can use con2print.exe in a batch file in the allusers startup folder so it runs each time someone logs in. con2print is available in the microsoft zero administration kit (ZAK). You can download it at
The batch file we use is just one line of "c:\con2prt /cd \\server\printer". You just copy the con2print.exe file to the local HD and place the batch file in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder.
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