Office 2007 upgrade via SCCM / SMS 2007

Hi All

We are doing a test run of upgrading Office 2007 from the previous version of Office 2003. Amongst various challenges, two of them stand out, as of now!

1. If there is an any instance of word / outlook or excel already open on the user's PC, the upgrade package installation pushed via SCCM 2007 fails. In some cases, even thought Excel window isn't there but 'excel.exe' was running as process within the taskmanger of XP workstation and the upgarde failed.

Before starting the upgrade, is there a way I can force shutdown / end all office processes?

2. For installing Outlook 2007 instant search we need to install Windows Desktop Search v 4 and I need to customise it so that it ONLY replaces search for Outlook 2007 and not the base Windows XP search. Where is Windows Desktop Search customisation wizard or command line?
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Hi fahim,
For your first question you could use a BAT file to kill the running processes using TASKKILL, and then call setup.exe thereafter.  See some sample code below.
As for your second question here is a link to a Microsoft doc that should assist you in the configuration of WDS.  Hope this helps!

@echo off
taskkill /F /IM winword.exe /IM excel.exe /IM outlook.exe etc.
<location of office binaries>\setup.exe

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Hi fahim,
I also meant to mention that you will prob want to create a msp file to run with setup by using the /admin switch on setup.exe.  Sorry to leave that out on the first comment.  hth.

SwiftAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply gonzo.

Having gone through the documentation I failed to find the steps required to customide the WDS 4 in such a way, during the install, I only use it for replacing the Instant Search within my Outlook 2007 and not to replace the search function of Windows XP in general.

Do you have any further suggestions in this regard?
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SwiftAuthor Commented:
Also, can I 'Save' the open files at their default location (if existing) from the command line before 'terminating' the associated 'exes'?
Hey fahim,
You can have a look at the below link to enable the classic search after the install.  I referenced the above link mainly for the configuration options with GP.
Also, using the listed cmd example the open documents will not save before closing.  I would attempt to run the install after business hours and inform the users or managers of the service.  Hope this helps!

To your question how to make sure, that the documents are first saved....
One possibility is to enable the AutoSave Option in your Office 2003 Policies, then start the upgrade. If there's found an running office process. Just wait for the AutoSave Interval from Office 2003. So you can make sure that the last changes which made in the document are saved within that time period...The other once surely get lost.!
To check if some office processes are running befor kill them you could try that script below (.vbs)
strComputer = "."
intAutoSaveInterval = 600000 ' Should be 10 minutes
Set objWMIService = GetObject ("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
Set colProcessList = objWMIService.ExecQuery ("Select * from Win32_Process Where Name = 'winword.exe'")
If colProcessList.COunt >= 1 Then Wscript.Sleep intAutoSaveInterval
For Each objProcess in colProcessList

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