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I'm using Outlook 2007 SP2 with Exchange 2007.  Occasionally, I'll receive a forwarded email from a coworker and the text will be missing from the body of the message.  If I click on 'Other Actions / View in browser', the text appears.  I have verified that my AV software is not interfering.  I also opened this same email from a different computer, running the same version of Outlook.  Outlook 2003 doesn't seem to have a problem opening it.  So, the problem is confined to Outlook 2007.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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Delphineous SilverwingConnect With a Mentor Good Ol' GeekCommented:
Are you attempting to read the e-mail in the Preview Pane or opening the message?
This is most likely the result of "Stationary" use by the original sender or forwarder; perhaps the stationary contains code or formatting that Outlook 2007 is misinterpretting.  Can it be viewed from another outlook 2007 client?
TropicalBoundAuthor Commented:

I do not use a preview Pane, although I tried it with this message and had the same result.  I have opened this message from another machine running Outlook 2007 and had the same result.

I checked the Stationery settings in the sender's Outlook settings.  The stationery was set to 'none'.  I changed it to 'blank' and the problem is resolved!!!

You get the prize, Delphineous!  Thanks for your help.

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