LaunchNTBackup failed. (0x80070423)

Getting a failry bizarre issue with an SBS 2003 installation, backup was working up till the end of march (the client had walked away from us a few weeks prior and we stopped monitoring for them).

I can run NTBackup manually, load the script file and it performs the backup routine without issue.

Now I did have to "fix" the reporting applet webpage by allowing anonymou saccess within IIS, but as far as I understood that shouldn't adversely affect a scheduled task.  I changed the scheduled task to run as administrator instead of NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, an dno difference.

This one has me baffled.
05/27/2009 8:21 AM
Date: 05/27/2009
Time: 8:21 AM
User: administrator

Backup Runner started.
LaunchNTBackup failed. (0x80070423)
NTBackup finished the backup with errors.

For more information about failed backups, see the article on troubleshooting your backup at the following Web page:

Backup ended at Wednesday, May 27, 2009 8:21 AM
Backup error finished with error code 0X80070423.
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peace_countryConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've been in disucssions since I posted this with Microsoft partner support but they're about as baffled as I am at the moment.
0x80070423 is means "Circular service dependency was specified"

So we need more info, could you enable detail logging in ntbackup and check the backup logs files and paste them here?

Do you have SBS SP1 installed?
peace_countryAuthor Commented:
It's an SBS 2003 R2 installation, and the last time I coudl guarrantee it was fully up to date, would have been in February of this year.  And I've tried that hotfix already.
contact microsoft for a custom hotifx explaining what you said here.
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