RDP Local Printing SLOW

We have a few remote users who are setup with RDP Desktops, and we have them setup to use their local printers.  

I recently setup a HP 1505 Laserjet Printer, for one of our users.  Printing works, however it is VERY Slow, takes 2-3 minutes before it will print the test page.  They are connected to us via Cable Internet and everything else seems to work well.  

The server is Windows 2003 and the user is using XP Pro for his OS...

Any ideas on what could be causing this, I am assuming it's some kind of driver issue as our other users have no problems printing...
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Don S.Commented:
The 1505 uses host based printing.  Host based printing has never been very good when combined with RDP or any remote terminal client.  The reason is that all the processing happens on the computer that the printer is connected to and not on the actual printer.  In the case of an RDP connection, the processing happens on the server and the resulting bit patterns are sent to the remote computer and then to the printer.  That represents a whole lot more bits flowing throught he pipe than there is for a non-host based printer.  Two things you can do, reduce the printed resolution to 300x300 - that sends significantly less bits down the pipe.  Or, replace the printer with a non-host based printer (such as the 1505n)

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Sjohnson111Author Commented:
Thanks very much... I am ordering a new printer...
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