Access Object sender 's properties or object on an event.

Hi all,

I have a close window A event that get executed in window B as follow:

    void window_AClosed(object sender, FormClosedEventArgs e)

When I run this event in debug mode, i can see the object sender has an item from window A that  I like to use in window B.  So I looked at the expression of that object and I got the following:


So after including the namespace and such I thought it will be easy as doing the following:

    void window_AClosed(object sender, FormClosedEventArgs e)
      string n= ((CAD_APP.CADScreens.frmCmdLog)(sender)).CmdLogFileDict

However, I keep getting syntax error because my sender object does not recognize that during compilation.  I am new to C# so after reading around I see the concept of "reflection" so my question is how can I access CmdLogFileDict, do I need to do something else or am I heading into the right direction by looking up on reflection?

Thank you,

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what was the error? is cmdlogfiledict a string?

you should be able to do this

((CAD_APP.CADScreens.frmCmdLog) sender).CmdLogFileDict.ToString();

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fylix0000Author Commented:
My college prof will be in regret mode for giving me passing grade if he knows this.  This is is my stupidities, I happened to declare CmdLogFileDict private >.<, changing it to public and it is all good.

Thanks p_davis for trying to assist me.
not a problem - glad you figured it out.
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