troubleshooting server 2003 incoming connections (vpn)

I am having trouble setting up a vpn from xp to server 2003.

Here what I have done so far:

In network connections on the server, enabled incoming connections, added a new user (remote) and allowed that user to connect remotely.

In the router I have enabled the neccessary ports.

On the client machine, I have setup a vpn connection (in network connections), I type in the public ip of the router (and the router maps the neccesary ports to our server). type in the username and passwrod that I created and click connect.

It tries to connect, it says verifying username and password, waits 30 seconds or so then errors:

error 721 the remote computer did not respond.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Point-In-CyberspaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two ways to config the Vpn server on win 2003.

The wizard one:

The manual way:

the manual way is more difficult but it can help you to understand what you are doing.

Also yu have to publish the right ports and protocols on the router:

PPTP uses IP protocol 47, designed for "General Routing Encapsulation" or GRE packets. A common mistake in configuring firewalls for use with PPTP is to open PPTP port 1723 (allowing connections to be established) but forget to forward GRE protocol type 47 (denying port data from passing through the tunnel).

davids355Author Commented:
I have also added the server to DMZ (just temporarily) and this still didnt solve it, so I dont think its a port issue.
Did you config the RRAS for VPN access ?
davids355Author Commented:
All I have done on the server is go into network connections, setup a new connection> Accept incoming connections... Do I need to do something else?
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