Dual monitors with Intel Q965/Q963 Chipset


I have a PC at work that I need to get setup with Dual Monitors.  It is a Dell running the Q965/963 chipset.  I believe it is capable of dual monitors because it shows two display adapters in the control panel. (See screenshots)  

However, I only notice one VGA output on the back of the computer.  What needs to be done support dual monitors?  

Do I need to add a video card or an ADD2 card?


I have stumbled across the following documentation on the Intel website.

Intel® Q965 Express Chipset and Intel® Q963 Express Chipset

Delivers richer visual color and picture clarity without the need for additional discrete graphics cards. Delivers performance for advanced operating systems like Microsoft Windows Vista*. Dual Independent Display expands the viewable workspace to two monitors.

ADD2 card support


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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
It's possible to use a Y cable to have the 2 monitors hooked up to the same 1 input.  
Most PC's today come with 2 outputs, often one of them is VGA while the other is DVI. Check if your PC also has a DVI output. If yes, you can attach one monitor to the VGA, and the other to the DVI output. Many modern LCD monitors also have both, DVI and VGA inputs, and you can also use adapter to attach a VGA monitor to the DVI connector.
What model is this Dell? If there's no another VGA or DVI output then you can not connect another monitor to it, You will need another video card.

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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
chucky:  That's incorrect.  They make a special Y cable so that you can have 2 monitors hooked into 1 output, both with they're own desktop.
ged325: for certain video cards yes, there's a dual output connector.  Not for a regular onboard video card though.
AllOrNothingTraderAuthor Commented:
ged325: "It's possible to use a Y cable to have the 2 monitors hooked up to the same 1 input."

--- I understand this would mirror the display on both monitors; I'm looking for dual independent display.

rindi: "Most PC's today come with 2 outputs, often one of them is VGA while the other is DVI. Check if your PC also has a DVI output."

--- I only have a single VGA output.  The configuration is similar to this:

chuckyh: "What model is this Dell?"

--- It's a Dell Optiplex 745

I did run across the following discussion:

It seems as if I will have to add hardware to support dual independent display.  The product documentation briefly mentions an ADD2 card to add display capabilities, but I will probably opt for an additional video card because I am more familiar with that route.

Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:

I understand you are looking for 2 independant displays.  The Y cable is capable of handling this . . . it essentially treats the 2 monitors like one big desktop.

Best of luck.
I think for this PC ged325 is correct. The manual posted in the Link above mentions that cable in particular, so it should apply for this model.

You can use the "request attention" link in the body of the question and ask for it to be reopened so the points could be reassigned.
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