How do XP clients register DNS with AD when their DNS server is a secondary DNS server?


I have a 2003 domain.  2 domain controllers, both running AD DNS.

I also have 2 member servers, that run secondary DNS zones, for my AD zone.  That way i can offload all my queries to a member server, and not hammer my DC's.  I use zone transfer to replicate the zones.

All my XP clients have the member servers, (secondary dns servers) as their DNS servers.  No DC's are listed as DNS servers.

Everything works great, just as you would expect, if the DNS servers were the DC's.  

My question isn't a technical problem per say, but more of a knowledge question.

My understanding is that DHCP registers DNS on behalf of the client machine.  So i get how that DNS record gets to AD.  However, when I put a machine with a static IP on the network, with the secondary DNS servers as the dns server in the config, it too immediately registers with the DC DNS server and subsequently replicates to all DC's and the zone updates the secondary DNS servers.

My question is how?  How does this work if the machine with a static address only has the (read-only mind you) secondary dns servers in its static tcp/ip config?

Any answers and KB article to support would be great.  I just want to understand this process.

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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Updates are referred to the server listed in the Start of Authority record. The client asks for the SOA, then sends the request off there.


Under Example: How Dynamic Update works



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