stupid outlook question---what does this symbol mean and how to fix?

i should know this, but i dont =\.  never seen it before really.  its happening only on my laptop.  im running outlook 2007 caches connection to exchange 2003.  only Public Folders have this, not my mailbox.

I think it has something to do with sync because when I check any computer there is more in Pulbic Folders than what I can see.

so what is the blue icon, what does it mean, and how to fix?
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phrea84Author Commented:
forgot to attach pic

David LeeCommented:
Hi, phrea84.

The double ended blue arrow indicates a folder that is not in your mailbox.  You can't "fix" it because there's nothing wrong.
phrea84Author Commented:
its never been blue before today.  also, the data shown on my laptop in public folders is not the same as what a different computer displays.
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The double ended blue arrow on the public folders are just what public folders look like in outlook 2007 mail client - a couple reasons for them not being blue are:

1. That you are viewing them through outlook web access instead of outlook 2007
2. That you are viewing them from an outllook 2003 client.

A couple of reasons for the data shown on your laptop being different: Not sure if you mean the emails or the folder sets but it could be either:

1. you laptop is offiline and hasn't downloaded the public folder data.
2. an adminstrator has set folder access permissions on the folders - different computer user will see (or modify,edit,create etc..) only the folders and/ or subfolders that they have permission to see .

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David LeeCommented:
"its never been blue before today"
I believe you when you tell me that.  All I can say is that it should have been.  Don't know why it wasn't.

"the data shown on my laptop in public folders is not the same "
What does it look like?

The blue arrows are there on all public folders without regard to whether or not Outlook is using cached mode.  
phrea84Author Commented:
ok--im stupid.  its blue in outlook 2007.  im used to outlook 2003. sorry about that.
permissions were adjusted and updated to resolve.  is there a way i can set full permissions at a root level and have it populate all the way down?  i hate having to set persmissions on specific fodlers and subfolders?
if you are on exchange 2007 - you have to use the command shell and the  AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 script  - I don't believe you can run it all the way down from the "all public folders" level- you have to do it on the each top level folder under all public folders

Like AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 -TopPublicFolder "\yourfolder" -User "Default" -Permission Owner

Having the user be default means everone and owner is full access.

phrea84Author Commented:
im on 2003----guess ill have to manually do it.
You can use the PFDAVDMIN tool -

You can download it here :

This will allow you to propagate persmissions down a public folder hierarchy:

This site will explain how - just scroll down to Propagating Public Folder Permissions a little ways down:

Sorry to clarify this works with exchange 2003.
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