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I have a query that I am running based on one of the fields in the table.  I don't want to rely on users to enter the date in the correct format so I have it set to create a list box with the values found in the field but since it is a date field, I have many duplicates.  How can I filter the list box values so that each value is only listed one time?

i.e.  Field contains 26-May-09, 26-May-09, 26-May-09, 25-May-09, 25-May-09, 24-May-09

List box would contain:

Thank you.
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Patrick MatthewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make a query the source of your listbox:

FROM SomeTable
Melissa-FACAuthor Commented:
Seems simple enough but.... I have an issue with my field that am trying to search.  When I create the listbox, I select the table and then that one field.  When I advance to the next screen that allows me to set the sort order for the field, it has also pulled the PK into the query.  If I remove the PK from the query, I do not get any results.  If I leave it in, I still have all of the date results (I am guessing because the primary key is distinct).

I am trying to fix a db someone else started.  Is there a way to separate the date field from the PK?

Melissa-FACAuthor Commented:
It worked perfectly.  I just had to change the source of my form.  Thank you!
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