Problem starting Symantec Backup Exec services

I have Symantec Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers installed on our SBS 2003 machine. In the past I could start the program, set scheduling, and the backups would run (although there was an error message every time the backup completed.) I was going to look into troubleshooting the error message but in the meantime I was using the backup tool that came with Windows. Since this machine is also our Exchange server I knew it wasn't the right tool for the job but obviously I wasn't too comfortable with the error message Symantec was displaying.

Yesterday I attempted to open Symantec Backup Exec and the following message was displayed on the "connect to Media Server" window:

"Backup Exec Services on SERVER: Stopped"

I clicked on "Services" and then "Start all services" - the following services started:
Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers; Backup Exec Device & Media Service

The following services reported an error when attempting to start them:
Backup Exec Job Engine (An instance of the service is already running); Backup Exec Agent Browser (An instance of the service is already running); Backup Exec DLO Administration Service (An instance of the service is already running); Backup Exec DLO Maintenance Service (The service Backup Exec DLO Maintenance Service is already running)

It then displays the message, "Start services on server SERVER completed. Processing services completed!

I hit okay...but the server status is still, "STOPPED."

I tried removing the server and adding a new one, restarting the services, restarting them manually from the services screen, stopping all services/starting all services. Nothing seems to work.

I then tried doing a repair on Backup Exec although I read this doesn't seem to fix the issue. Regardless I couldn't even properly complete the repair because it said the server was in single user mode and only one admin could be logged in. I was on the terminal and nobody else was connected to the server as admin. Not sure what I was doing wrong and/or what I need to do to at least complete a repair.

So basically I haven't gotten anywhere. I have no idea if a repair is the likely solution but if it is I need to correct the "single user mode" issue. I'm guessing there is something else causing the problem, however. Regardless I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. It's been one of those months where NOTHING seems to be going smooth! Thanks for looking!

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think you may have installed in a TS session

need to try it from the physical box or mstsc /console
brojammaAuthor Commented:
I should rephrase, "I was on the terminal and nobody else was connected to the server as admin."

I was on the PHYSICAL machine logged in as admin. Also - any idea why the service started before but doesn't now? I'm wondering if it was a windows update or the changes I made to the network configuration that threw it off. Regardless I'd like to at least perform a repair to see if that does anything. With the machine physically in front of me and all terminal server sessions disconnected I still receive the "single user mode" error. "Only one admin...etc"

Beyond performing a repair I'm guessing there are possibly some other issues going on as well. 90% of the forum posts I've read seem to indicate that a repair does not fix the problem. I'd still like to at least try, though!
brojammaAuthor Commented:
I completed the repair regardless of the "single user" errors and restarted the server - everything seems to be working now. Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this.

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