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SBS 2008 came on line three months ago.  I've been using Roaming Profiles for years.  Profiles are working great except for a couple of users.  Very intermittently and at any given time during a work day, the desktop icons will simply vanish with no reason why.  User has to restart their PC to restore the desktop.  There is no rhyme or reason to the event and no means of troubleshooting that I have seen.  Anyone have an idea as to why or how to resolve?  It seems the two desktops this affects the most is the owner and a lead manager.  Wouldnt ya know.
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?Commented:
Taken from

I am not a geek, but the way I recover lost icons is I right click on the desktop & select properties then select desktop then click OK. real easy


See if that works for them.  It might only be a temporary fix.

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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?Commented:
Also look at

and do a very good anti-virus scan.  Symptoms could be that of a virus though it appears you should be having other problems as well.
mtbound811Author Commented:
I have modified Domain Group Policy to prevent hiding desktop Icons.  We'll have to watch for a few days to see if that resolves the problem.
mtbound811Author Commented:
dbrunton gets all the points ashe pointed me in the right direction.  The full solution was implimented in Group Policy on the server so the benefit of the solution would be experienced by all users in the domain.
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