Select Cisco Software for ASA5520 Active Passive w/VPN: ASDM & IOS

I need to download a later IOS release for the two ASA 5520s I have.  I've been to Ciscos website and used the IOS selector tool, but get way too many options than I have knowledge to sort through which IOS release I need. I know I need to upgrade the ASDM software because the JRE version the current version uses is outdated.  I just don't know if I need to upgrade my IOS version and the ASDM both or just the ASMD.  I need to have VPN support w/IPSec, but don't know what IOS to select?  

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.2(2)
Device Manager Version 5.2(2)
Java Version 1.4.2_18
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Here's a link to the ASA software - this list is a lot smaller than the IOS list.  The releases notes (link at the top of the page) are pretty clear about updating.

Here are the instructions for doing the upgrade:  You will need to upgrade both the asa and asdm software.

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ehessAuthor Commented:
Question, I know I have to upgrade each major release in turn, as noted below...
To ensure that your configuration updates correctly, you must upgrade to each major release in turn. Therefore, to upgrade from Version 7.0 to Version 8.2, first upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1, then from 7.1 to 7.2, and finally from Version 7.2 to Version 8.2 (8.1 was only available on the ASA 5580).

However, looking at all these releases, do I need to upgrade to 7.2(3) then, 7.2(4), then 8.0(2), and so on until I can do 8.2(x).  or can I go directly from 7.2(2) to 8.0(2) then to 8.2(x)?  or even 7.2(2) to 8.2(x) as the Cisco article wrote.  

The way I read it I need to go from 7.2(2) to 8.0(2) then I can go to 8.2 since these are major releases.  

Release Notes for the Cisco ASA 5500 Series, 8.2(x) New!
Cisco ASA 5500 Series Release Notes, 8.0(4)
Cisco ASA 5500 Series Release Notes Version 8.0(3)
Cisco ASA 5500 Series Release Notes, 8.0(2)
Cisco ASA 5500 Series Release Notes Version 7.2(4)
Cisco ASA 5500 Series Release Notes Version 7.2(3)
Cisco ASA 5500 Series Release Notes, Version 7.2(2)

I just don't want to cause problems.  I know i need to upgrade to upgrade the ASMD to 6.2 or later before I upgrade the ASA software.  
The release notes say you can go from 7.2(x) to 8.2.

It wouldn't hurt to go from 7.2(2) to 8.0(2) then 8.2 if you feel more comforatable.

I keep the "old" software on disk just in case I need to roll back.  Then after a couple of weeks I delete the older version.
ehessAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response!  I haven't upgraded the ASA or ASDM but I have what I needed to do it.  I have the time scheduled for next weekend.  Thanks much!
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