Dropdowns blocked as pop-ups in IE8

How can I prevent Internet Explorer 8 from blocking drop-down menus (form selects) is if they were pop-ups? Or, is it just me? I couldn't find anything on this topic online, and it seems it would generate a lot of conversation if other people were experiencing it ...

I am not much familiar with IE8 yet, so I visited a few random sites to see if their drop-down menus behaved the same way as mine. I found that I get the "pop-up blocked" message each time I click on a drop-down menu. I haven't been able to modify my IE pop-up blocker settings to avoid this, and even turning pop-up blocker off doesn't work.

My forms are in ColdFusion 8, although that wasn't necessarily the case with the other sites I tested. Ideas? Thanks!
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not seeing that here (nor would i expect to as plainly select boxes are not popups and even IE should know that)

the only reference to this I have seen is when people have multiple versions of IE


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cafosterAuthor Commented:
That's it exactly, thank you! It didn't even occur to me that multiple versions of IE could be the problem. I've removed my standalone copies of IE6, IE7 and IE8, and I installed Internet Explorer Collection


The dropdowns are no longer blocked, and I can continue testing my applications in multiple IEs. Thank you so much!

I'm seeing this same exact issue, but I don't run multiple ie ... I only have IE8 ..
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