Microsoft Dynamics GP - Cheque Stubs not showing all invoices applied to that cheque

We are currently running MIcrosoft Dynamics GP 10.0.  When we do a cheque run, we'd like to see all invoices and credit memos that have been applied to this cheque to show up on the cheque stub for this vendor.  This seems to work fine, until we have a credit memo for a large amount and it takes more than one invoice to cover it over multiple cheque runs.

For example:

Week 1 - Company X has a credit memo for $40, and an Invoice for $60.  When we do the cheque run - Company X will have a cheque printed off for $20 and the cheque stub will show both the credit memo for $40 and the invoice for $60.  This is fine, that's what we want to see.

Week 2  -  Company X has a credit memo for $1500, an invoice  for $100, an invoice for $200, and an invoice for $700.  When we do the cheque run, no cheque will print, as there is still $500 remaining on the credit memo.  That's fine as well.

Week 3 - Company X has an invoice for $600.  When we do the cheque run, the cheque will be for the correct amount of $100, but on the cheque stub we will only see a credit memo for $500 and  the invoice for $600.  When the vendor gets the cheque, they think we are not paying the previous 3 invoices for $100, $200 and $700 dollars - and it looks like the credit memo was only for $500 instead of $1500.

This causes confusion with our vendors, and they think we are not paying all the invoices.

We've spoken to support and have been told that this is the way GP works.

In GP, I've verified that "Print Previously Applied Documents" is checked under Tools, Setup, Purchasing, Payables.  And that "All Documents" is selected under "List Documents on Remittance" on this same screen.

Any ideas of how we can get all invoices since the last cheque was cut to show up on the next cheque stub??
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Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
I believe this is happening because you are using the Select Checks process which is automatically creating a $0 total remittance for each vendor to whom you do not owe anything but who has had transactions applied since the last check run.  No check is printed, since the total is $0, but a remittance for listing the credit memo(s) and invoice(s) gets printed (and is most likely discarded by the people printing checks).  You can see these remittances in Vendor Inquiry with a document number looking like 'REMIT00000XXX' and amounts of $0.

Options to prevent this and have the credit memo(s) and invoice(s) print on the next actual check to the vendor:
1. Manually delete all the $0 remittances before printing the checks.
2. Use the Edit Check Batch option to create your check batches instead of Select Checks.

If this only happens once in a while, option 1 may be the least disruptive of your current process.  If your check runs are not so large and you find having to make a lot of changes to the check batch once it's created anyway, option 2 might be a better solution.

Hope this helps.
tpetrasAuthor Commented:
Thanks Victoria.  We will be processing another cheque run later this week and we will try Option 2.  I will let you know how it turns out.  Thanks for your reply.
tpetrasAuthor Commented:
Hi Victoria,

We tried Option 2, but see we have to select each vendor we'd like to print a cheque for.  We have too many cheques coming off and this would be too time consuming going through every one.  Unless you can tell me a simpler way of deteriming the vendors with $0 cheques.

So, then we thought we would try Option1, but we don't know how to manually delete the $0 remittances before printing cheques.  Can you provide more step to step?  Do we delete them prior to the 'Post Payables Cheques'?

Any more information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:

Once you have built the check batch, on the Select Payables Checks window there is a button for Edit Check Batch towards the bottom right corner - click that and you will get the Edit Check Batch window with all the vendors and invoices already selected.  You can scroll through and uncheck any vendors that are checked, but have a $0 in the Total Amount Paid column.  that's probably the fastest way to do it.

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Tpetras, exploring victoria's comment
"a remittance for listing the credit memo(s) and invoice(s) gets printed (and is most likely discarded by the people printing checks). "
Can you just keep this remittance and include it with the next check sent to that company?
I believe this is the route we have taken to deal with this same issue.  
tpetrasAuthor Commented:
Thanks again Victoria.  We followed that procedure on our cheque run last Friday.  We will see in the next week or two when we do cut a cheque for any of the vendors that we've unchecked due to $0 if they will now have all credits/invoices since we started doing the unchecking.  Will let you know how it goes.  Thanks.
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Hi tpetras, just checking in to see how your testing went?
tpetrasAuthor Commented:
Hi victoria y,
Looks like your fix is going to work for us.  We finally got a cheque since we started suppressing the $0 items, only thing is we had invoices/credit memos on their prior to us starting this procedure, so it didn't quite look like we wanted.  But I'm sure the next ones will be okay.  Thanks for all your help!
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