PHP MS Access to MySql

I have php application that is database driven and it is currently a MS Access database... i would like to migrate to MySql...

I would like to know if there is an easy was to change existing code that interacts with a MS Access database to do the same with a MySql database... (the MS Access database is going to be transferred to MySql)

so.... i know how to transfer the database, just wanting to know about the code (it currently uses ODBC connection and commands)
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not sure if I understand your question right. If you are transferring it to mysql, make exact same tables with field names and types and then use odbc in msaccess to link to that tables. Then you can write an append query to append the data into those linked tables.
As far as application itself goes, you are gonna have to write code in any scripting langauage of your choice. I prefer php to do queries and stuff, if you want it webbased
now if you wanna use ms access as front end then just have the data in mysql transferred and use link tables with your current codes
hope this helps
0791882310Author Commented:
let me try to explain better.... currently i have a PHP application that uses an Access database, i already know how to move (migrate) the data to MySql, i just wont to have to rewrite all the code from communicating with access to MySql.... soooo.... i was wondering is there something that will scan the php files i have, and replace all the ODBC commands and replace them with the equivalent MySql commands?
0791882310Author Commented:
also, if i were to just link the sql tables in access and keep all the same php code, will i still have the limitations that access has?
I am sure that if you use access as the front end, the limitations will still be there by access. I dont know of any software that will do what you want to do unless u use some kind of editor (dreamweaver) for replace function. You will still have to do manual work on that.

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0791882310Author Commented:
well that sucks
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