where do I reference language characters?

Hello Experts,

I am writing a translation INI file from English to Spanish. I need to reference special characters but not sure where to find them.

For example, see code below
div id='one' will not display the letter 'o' with the accent on it if written this way
div id='two' will display the letter 'o' or word correctly on the browser.
I took this ó character from another language file but need to know where to go to find other characters with accents to complete my INI...

Does that make sense?
<div id='one'>La educación</div><br>
<div id='two'>La educación</div><br>

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SaxtusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try using HTML entities.
Reference table here.

Your example should become:

<div id='two'>La educaci&oacute;n</div><br>

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epifanio67Author Commented:
thx u Saxtus
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