Link a remote multifunction printer to a corporate network.

Hello Experts.

I have a MFC440CN Brother multifunction printer in Columbia, SC that I would like to link to my corporate network in Charlotte, NC.  If possible, this would allow me to scan to a virtaul directory on the server and be able to use attachments quicker than uploading via ftp or windows explorer as we currently use Citrix Presentation server.

Hope this makes sense.

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pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FTP is going to be faster than any other way as far as transfer speed goes.  It has the lowest overhead.

Anyway, all the printer needs is IP Connectivity to "connect",...but connecting does not mean it can save a file at the chosen destiantion.  That will require a correct method to authenticate to the destination in order that the destination will allow the "file write".
missionarymikeAuthor Commented:
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