How can I print a zoomed in image of a pdf ?

How can I print a pdf zommed in?    I print out newspapers from a source on the interent.  The newspaper articles come in pdf format.  I can print the pdf just fine.  I know how under the print options there is a section for scaling.  I set that to no scaling.  Because the only options made it smaller when printed.    But I want to zoom in and then print so the text is legable.  Any ideas?   I am viewing the pdf in the adobe reader that is loaded into the browser.  I would like to make it larger and print it large within the adobe reader and not have to use a different program to do that.  
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rfcamposConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Zoom in to the piece you want to print.
2. File->Print
3. Under 'Print Range' select 'Current View'
4. Under 'Page Handling' change 'Page Scaling' to 'Fit to Printer Margins'

If the text is all vector, it should print just nice. I just did it and it worked perfectly for me.
Can you use the "Marquee Zoom" under Tools > Select & Zoom to Zoom in on the article.  Then use the "Snapshot Tool" under "Select & Zoom" to select the Graphics.
Right-Click > Copy selected Graphics (if it has not already done it)

Then paste that graphic into a Word where you can manipulate the size of the image.

 I was looking into Adobe reader and cant find a way to change the "Inches Zoom" which is what your probaly looking for
I forgot to mention to do that in Acrobat. ;)
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