Device to Convert Floppy Interface to USB or a Flash Drive

I have an older digital piano (Yamaha Clavinova CVP203) that only came with a floppy drive as an interface.  I have been searching with no luck for a USB or Flash drive that uses the cable for the old 3.5" floppy drives so that I can stop using 3.5" disks and upgrade to a more reliable solution.  
I know that some sort of conversion hardware would be needed, but figured somebody would have already created this.  Anyone have any experience with devices like this and know where I might be able to pick one up?  
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
ha!  Lucked out. Found it in the next text file I look in.

Make floppy into USB

Just for the heck of it I went poking around, and found this:    8 0
No price listed, just a INQUIRE link.

This one looks like it runs about $50.00 to $100.00 USD  (in 1000 unit orders? )

More if you want to sift through them:
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Sorry, but no such device exists -- and given the electrical differences in the interfaces it's not likely they ever will (there's simply no significant demand for such a device).

The good news is that floppy drives are extremely inexpensive these days (< $10) ... so you can easily replace your drive should it fail.   As for the media, I'd suggest you keep copies of all your floppies on a computer -- you can keep them in image format so it's simple to rebuild them if needed.   This is the last freeware version of Floppy Image, which should work fine for your needs:
I saw one of those a while back, but can't find the link.
It had something to do with converting sewing machings with floppy disks to usb. There was like one guy in Asia that was making them.
I will look some more.
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Very interesting ... guess there's a demand for almost anything !!

... although as I'd expect, it limits the USB "floppy" to the same 1.44MB as a standard floppy and the same data transfer speeds -- which makes it less useful than an actual USB device would be.

Nevertheless, it IS a way to eliminate the use of floppy media.
>> it IS a way to eliminate the use of floppy media

Yes, but it's hard to find someone that ships just one.
I saw 2 that said 1 minimum, one that said 10 minimum, and several others were for 100-1000 minimum.   : /
I want something like this.  With the right card (you'd possibly need a controller card that supports 3.5 inch drives) you could hook this up to an XT type box and boot from it.  No need for old MFM and RLL hard drives.
: D
Thank you much.   : )
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