Can I set rights in a Exchange Contacts Public Folder by the Category of the contact?

We are looking at setting up a company-wide Contact Public folder in exchange and then sorting by category's.  One issue would be who has rights to change the contacts.  Is there any way to set permissions or rights by Category in a public folder, or using some sort of 3rd party app, scripting, etc?  I've worked with Exchange for years, but don't know of any way to do this.  

We are just trying to get all of our contact info together for a better CRM solution.  We've looked into the spendy solutions, tryed a couple and with budget, etc... are going back to the basics.
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For public folders, the permission is assigned at the folder level, so I don't think you  can do that.
Your best bet maybe create a set of sub-folders in that public folder, each sub-folder contains one category of contacts, then assign permission to each sub-folder.

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You cannot set permissions at a per item level in Public Folders. Folder level only is possible.
The most you can do at item level is set permissions on the folder that affect items that the user created.

ggobleAuthor Commented:
We want to be able to send a email & sort by all contacts in a certain category.   Is that possible if we used subfolders - to see all contacts in a category,  including the main folder & subfolders in one view?
Unless you have contacts that belongs to multiple categories. Otherwise, you can create a sub-folder for each category.
ggobleAuthor Commented:
We will have some contacts with multiple categories.  So I wouldn't be able to split them into sub-folders?
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