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Hi! Does anyone know of an alternative to Microsoft Premier Support Contract?  Possibly a vendor that performs the same support for less $$

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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
How are you going to get the same support from another vendor?  I mean, no other vendor makes Windows or Office or Exchange or SQL.... They can't go as deep into the product as Microsoft. It's just not possible.  

I've never had a problem with MS REFUNDING the call if they couldn't point me to an answer online.  It's my view that if I'm not going to be patience and research the problem then MS has the right to be paid for my impatience.  But if it's a bug or a problem that they didn't publicly disclose PRIOR to my call, then it's their responsibility - and in roughly half the calls I've made to them over the last dozen or so years, they've always refunded the call if they couldn't answer the question "how would I know that?"

Hire a consultant.  Consultants - who are partners - get emergency support at NO CHARGE (to them) - they may charge it back to you... but it costs them nothing to open a support incident for a critical issue that affects the majority of the business seriously enough that they can't work.

There are other methods you can use - get a TechNet or MSDN subscription - but the terms of the support incidents can vary with those programs (but they also give you many added benefits).
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