How do I parse out text from a string and set it as a variable example....

<cfset searchstring = "Pays up to $1,000 a day up to 100 days">

I need to set as a variable "DailyHospital" = $1,000 a day from string above.
The amount will change but the xxx "a day" will be constant.

How do I pull that out starting at $ and ending on day?

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<cfset searchstring = "Pays up to $1,000,00.00 a day up to 100 days" />
<cfset DailyHospital = left(right(searchstring,len(searchstring)-11),len(searchstring)-25) />
<cfdump var="#DailyHospital#" />
That should do it for any amount.  This could also be done with a regEx.
Yes, there are a bunch of ways to do it.  Here is one example of a regex.  You could also use reReplace, but personally I prefer using reMatch and using arrayLen to confirm a match was found.  A few times I have overlooked  the fact that reReplace did not actually find a match, which caused problems ;-)  That is just my personal preference though.

<cfset searchstring = "Pays up to $1,000 a day up to 100 days">
<cfset matches = reMatchNoCase("(\$[0-9,]+\s+a\s+day)", searchString)>
<cfset DailyHospital = "not found">
<cfif arrayLen(matches)>
	<cfset DailyHospital = matches[1]>
DailyHospital = #DailyHospital#

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I used to do this technique and it worked fine for me:
    <cfset start = REFind('$',searchstring)>   <!--------Find that start point------>
    <cfset end = REFind('a day', searchstring,start)>   <!--------Find that end point------>
    <cfset DailyHospital = trim(mid(searchstring,start,end-start))>   <!--------Extract the in between------>


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If you are not using regular expressions, you may as well just use a plain find(..). Though a case insensitive search would be better.  However, a regular expression search would be the most flexible. It would be able to handle things like a varying number of spaces, whereas a regular find will not.
All 3 will work fine.
LeadCoAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys!
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