FLASH CS4 how to edit text in a layer in Flash

how do you edit text in a layer in Flash
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rascalpantsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

is the layer locked?  look in the timeline and see if any of the layers have a lock icon on it... and if so, then click on it...  you just need to click on the text box and type.

rp / ZA
if u are talking about the name of the layer.. double click the name.

I u mean how do you add text. Select the 'Text Tool' then click somewhere in on the stage area with the appropriate layer selected.


more details please  :)

rp / ZA
jonathanduane08Author Commented:
sorry, there is an swf file that i have exported to FLA ad there is text there and i was wondering if you can edit it in flash? it lets me select the text tool and add in text but i cant seem to fnd a way to edit the text already there...
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