Surge protector, AVR or UPS .. what do I need..

Having recently lost my mobo in a powercut, despite having a surge protector, I figure I need something a bit more substantial to protect my newly built PC.. is an AVR OK?

 I really don't need the PC to stay on if we have a power cut so I'd rather not spend more on a UPS if a decent Voltage Regulator would do the trick..

I was looking at this model..

Any advice appreciated.
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I would keep my eye out for a small UPS from a reputable manufacturer, such as APC. Stores always seem to be running specials on different ones. A 350VA to 500VA (depending on what you need to plug into it) can usually be purchased for less than $50.

Eventhough you don't need it to stay on, many of them come with software you can configure settings and also properly shutdown the computer (e.g. Powerchute PE). Bad things can happen to the OS or data files if not shutdown properly. This could save you time later rebuilding/restoring your system.

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The Line-R is an excellent power regulator, and is far better than using a simple surge protector.   I agree that a UPS is preferable -- but I do NOT recommend buying a UPS that does not have an AVR circuit ... which eliminates the cheapest units.

Not sure what units are readily available for you, but here's a nice unit with AVR:

chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I appreciate the possible data corruption problem but I can live with that, I keep regular backups,
I'm really interested in stopping the hardware getting nuked and the Line-r is available here for 50 euros,
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
As I noted, it's an excellent unit.    Although I've got AVR-equipped UPS units for all of my computers; I've recommended the Line-R for several friends who have poorly regulated power and they work perfectly.   One even had a direct lightning strike on his home -- and although it did a LOT of electrical damage (and put a nasty hole in the roof), the PC connected to the Line-R was fine :-)   [The Line-R itself was "fried" ... but APC replaced it at no cost]

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