Control Size of Form in ACCDE?

I have my main forms in an Access 2007 app with Fit To Screen = No, Aut Resize = No, Border Style = Thin, Control Box = No, Close Button = No, Min Max Buttons = None, Moveable = No.

In the FormOpen for each main form, I have logic that queries the height and width settings of the screen, and if they are above a certain size (1024 x 768), I specify the size I want for the form:
DoCmd.MoveSize 0, 0, 15365, 10806

When in developer mode, this all works fine.  No close box, min max buttons, etc. appear.  And the form appears at the desired size.
BUT, when I compile the app into an ACCDE and run it, the form expands to the full size of the screen (1440 x 900), there is a close box, a min max button, a minimize button and a question mark button.

Why doesn't it function the same as an ACCDE as it does as an ACCDB?
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Hi wsturdev,

Have you tried to see what happens if you set Aut Resize = Yes

wsturdevAuthor Commented:
Auto Resize = Yes does not change anything.
wsturdevAuthor Commented:
Turns out I had a Maximize in my AutoExec macro.  I eliminated that ststement and the problem is solved.

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