Login, authenticate, then download

Hi, experts,

I AM able to login in java, and I get back the session cookie from scribd, but I am NOT  able to then asking for the download using that cookie. Maybe tomorrow you can help me a little with that. I have tried to set all cookies which I see in  HttpFox.

Thank you

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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to combine the two, ie. first login , then do the download from the same session.
let httpclient look after the cookies for you

kerznerAuthor Commented:
you mean, keep using the same method object?
no, the same client
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kerznerAuthor Commented:
but i AM using the same client. Maybe I should not set any more cookies?
CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try setting the user-agent string to a real browser's one
kerznerAuthor Commented:
Still unresolved, but I want to thank everybody for help and assign points. I am sure you advice is correct, but something is wrong on my side.
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