Toshiba CIX100 cofiguration

I purchased a Toshiba Strata CIX100 with an ethernet card so I could send my call accounting data to a dedicated IP.  Unfortunately when the data gets there it is in a format that my call accounting software cannot read.  

1.  Is there a way to configure the data output from my CIX100 for call accounting?  My local dealer is pretending to not know of any way to do this.  

I cannot take the data out of the serial port and send it to the server as I bought the lan card so I could avoid this.  
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Joel_SiskoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So to clarify, you have the PBX configured so the SMDR output is via the LAN card. Then what you are saying is that the received data is not in the expected format?

Off hand, I do not know of any PBX per se that allows you to modify the CDR output format (except with the acceptation of Asterisk and other open source telephony software). I believe that Toshiba holds true to this statement as well.

Is the Call accounting software setup to receive in the Toshiba format? What happens if you use Hyper terminal to connect to the Toshiba SMDR output? What does it look like?

Joel Sisko
lecutisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot change the format of SMDR data, but you should be able to set the telephone system make and model in your call reporting software
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