Can I implement Raid 1 after installing XP without wiping out the MBR

I have a new MB and XP Pro is loaded, Gigabyte ma78gm-us2h, now I want to implement RAID 1.  Part of the instructions indicate that I when I add the disk to the array it will erase the MBR, is there a way around this?  

If not can I just restore a Ghost image to rebuild the disk which should build the array at the same time?
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simsjrgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you will need to image the current drive, create the mirror and restore the ghost image to the new mirrored set.
Just make sure you image the entire drive and not just the partition, because the boot sector is not included in the partition image.
Actually on most RAID cards I've used you can implement RAID 1 with the OS installed without loosing a thing.

The MBR that gets wiped is the one on the SECOND drive. - The one that wasn't there before.
If the first drive is the one with the OS then the second drive will be mirrored to it [and wiped] but the origional drive doesn't get wiped and the MBR will be fine.

Your RAID might be different than those so STILL MAKE THE IMAGE in case you need it.

c7c4c7Author Commented:
The only thing to remember in the future is to make sure you have a Ghost rescue disk that include drivers that Ghost does not include.  I found that out by testing the retore before I activated RAID
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