IE6 unable to "see" links

I have a website that I'm working on in which IE6 cannot see that the links in the nav are in fact links.  I thought that another div might be "on top" of the nav somehow, but even after reshaping the neighboring divs to ensure that wasn't happening, the decrepit browser of yester-century still cannot see the links.  The URL of the site is here:

You will notice some strangeness around the way some of the CSS shows up in the HTML in <style> tags, while other CSS is properly included via <link> tags.  This is because the content is dynamically assigned to the HTML pages (views in MVC), while the stylesheets are static content.

What would have to be altered on this page in order to have the navigation work in IE6
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Your link isn't working?
lawrenjnAuthor Commented:
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!!!!!   I erased the DNS entry for the devel subdomain right after I posted that.
I think nav file is in png format. In ie6 you have to fix png image

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lawrenjnAuthor Commented:
The png had been fixed using the filter: progId: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader method, but when you do that the filter seems to put the image on top of all the rest of the workings, so nothing in the div can be accessed.  I ended up making an identical div positioned in exactly the same place with a z-index less than zero.  Worked like a charm.  Thank you for putting me on the trail.
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