Lotus Notes 7.0.3 error message on resend

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One of our users has a Lotus Notes error occurring when trying to resend an email externally.  The error is "Cannot find external name:DOC"
The initial mail was rejected because the attachement exceeded the file size allowed by the recipient email server. However, if resubmitted, the server will pass the message.  When clicking the RESEND button the above error occurs.  Any clues how we can get around that?

With thanks.
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
Smells like a design problem in the mail database, a corrupt database or so.

Compact the database first, then try to
- File/Database/Refresh Design
- File/Database/Replace Design (with the same template)

If that fails, do a Fixup before Refreshing or Replacing the design. Try a resend after each step.

When you test, don't assume that existing documents can be resent, they may already be wrong. Instead, do the whole mail sending cycle, including the step with the large attachment.

By the way, how is it possible that an initial mail isn't accepted, but a resubmitted mail is? With the same attachment?? Are you sure that the bounced mail contains the full attachment??
wzkqxfAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sjef,  Compacting and refreshing the design did the trick.To answer your question, the site to whom we sent the large email, have a 2mb limit on incoimg mail. Anything over that is rejected with a reply message and a caveat.  The caveat states, that if the sender responds validating the original email as work related and necessary, it is allowed to pass through.  I guess that process offers some form of control but I reckon it could be done a better way.
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