Access Workgroup file usage

I have been tasked with converting an Access DB from 97 to 2003.  The file uses an MDW workgroup file to secure many DB's on the network.

I need to upgrade one db w/o converting all the others.  So one machine will get the new version of access and will connect to the same mdw file as all the other systems accessing the older databases.  

I also need to test the upgrade locally before I convert the file on the client's network.

That's the background - here's the trouble....

I am trying to copy the mdw file to my local system, copy the mdb file to my local system and open the database.  

I have gone so far as to duplicate drive letters and folder structure so that my copy of the db is looking for M:\subfolder\workgroupfile.mdw  Just as it is on the client's network.
However the database will not open in my version of Access 03.  I get "The current user does not have permission to convert or enable this database.

Any ideas on how I can get the client's db to work on my local machine using their mdw file?

IS there a way I can remove the mdw usage for the time being, copy to my local machine, upgrade, then copy back and reinstall the mdw file?

Thanks for the help.

PS - I will not be around tomorrow Thursday, May 28 - so I apologize ahead of time for any lack of replies from me then.  I will be around a bit longer tonight however.

Some more notes:  I have now tried:
1. made sure I could create and open a new database using the client's mdw.  
2. gone into the client's db and gave my username admin permissions on every object type (database, table, query, form, etc.  Also each of hte existing elements in each object. (new table, table1, table2, etc.)
3. compacted the db
4. re copied both the mdw and the db to my local environment.
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Try this:
1. On your computer, create a shortcut to the new database.
2. Right-click on the shortcut, and select 'Properties'.
3. Copy/Paste the 'Target' string into Notepad.
4. String should look something like this:
5. Modify the string as follows:
   "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.EXE" "M:\subfolder\ClientDatabase.mdb" /WRKGRP "M:\subfolder\workgroupfile.mdw"
6. Copy/Paste the 'Target' string from Notepad back into the Shortcut.
7. Double-click the shortcut to open the database.


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jtheriauAuthor Commented:
Thanks Todd for that info.  I tried that and it opens up the exact same way as if simply double clicked the database - it attempts to open, asks me my password, then gives me the long winded message about not having permissions.

On your client's computer
1. Create a new blank database.
2. Import all the objects from the 'live' database.
3. Make sure the references in the new database match the references in the live database.
4. Copy this new database onto your computer.
5. See if you can open the database.

Let me know if you run into a problem importing the objects from the 'live' database. I have a routine that you can use to export the objects from one database to another.

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jtheriauAuthor Commented:
That did it Thanks SO much!!.

One more Question.  Why - if I am using Access 2003 - did it only update to access 2000 format?  That seems odd.

Thanks again and God Bless!
When Access 2003 is first installed on your computer, the default format is 2000. If you wish to create all of your future new databases to in 2003 format, you can set that on the Advanced tab in Options.
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