Deploying My Reports to Report Server 2005

A user has created several reports in his My Reports and I need to deploy them on the SQL Server 2005 Report Server. What is the best way to do this?

Thank you.
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there are couple ways to do this.

1) go to your report manager and upload your .rdl files manually.
2) right click on your reports project and click on properties. and set the URL of your report manager and the folder you want to add you .rdl files and then right click on reports project and click Deploy.

send a reply on how it went.
dpiccoAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply. I am very new.
How do I get these reports into a .rdl file?

  1. Click Show Details on screen above on RS
  2. Click 'Edit' icon on left next to report name
  3. Click 'Edit' under Report Definition shown in image below and download each rdl file to a folder
You can either upload each rdl file individually to the report server or create a new RS project and files to upload from their. If you add rdl files directly to site using upload file then you will have to re-associate shared data source with each report if report uses it. Your Datasource will appear as last graphic below if using shared data source.  

You may aleady have project with rdl files attached but if you dont.  You can ceate a new BIDS Reporting Services project then you will have to add shared data source (if report uses one) if using shared data source to project and uplaod from project; this will sensure all datasources do not require manually asscoiating with each report. The data souce for the report can be viewed by clicking Datasource option shown in image below.  


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but why do you want to save those reports into .rdl files. looks like the reports are already deployed to the sql server report manager.

do you want them to be deployed to some where else, if yes then follow the steps given by tpi007 above or you should have the rreports project where these reports are created and if you go that project folder you should find the .rdl files there.
dpiccoAuthor Commented:
I want them deployed to somewhere else. The reports are in the 'My Reports' area for a user and I need them to be available to other users.

I am working on steps provided by tpi007. I will let you know how it works.
Thank you very much for replying.
dpiccoAuthor Commented:
Thank you! Solution by tpi007 worked!
dpiccoAuthor Commented:
Solution by tpi007 worked. Thank you very much for the responses!
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