PC Fan continuously on

I have a Dell desktop, when I switch it ON, within 5 minutes its fan starts so consistently it fan is running and making noise. I even notice if I am surfing internet, on some page download it fan starts and then keep running.   Is there some configuration, where I can set something...  it is pretty annoying.
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KavostylinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will find that this is probably caused by a couple of reasons

1. build up of dust is trapping the heat in the heatsink which causes the fan to work harder.
2. the Thermostat is not reading the heat correctly (can be caused by dust)

I would suggest cleaning out the headsink and replacing the thermal compound on the CPU i would also suggest that you run the latest BIOS update for your model.

Are you ovefclocking your system?

You might also try shutting down the PC and removing the power cable for at least 2 minutes.  Then plug it back in again and see what happens. This may very well reset the system.   Typically the fast running fan should only run at boot while the system calibrates the fan, but as the other expert suggests, there are things that can through off the fan as well.
agree with kavo - fans normally go on because of heat build up.
Is it annoying because of the sound/vibrations? you could purchase replacement fans that are almost silent if you've already done what kavo said, and the problem is still there
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may have a BIOS setting in the power section that says to run the fan at 100% as soon as a certain temperature is reached, and that temperature may be set too low. 130F (55C) is a reasonable limit.
Most of the Dell desktops/servers will automatically adjust the fan speed to reach the desired CPU temp.
Also, if it is a desktop with multiple fans; check your other fans. If one of the other fans goes out the other fans will kick up to a higher RPM to keep the airflow consistent.
You can update the bios but probably won't resolve it.
Like one of the previous guys stated; make sure you blow it out for dust. This is a big problem when it builds up too much. If still nogo; the thermal grease is a good idea as well.
The noise that you have described could be due to 1) flow of air which is blocked by dust.
2) deposits of dust have accumulated on the the fan propellers or 3) fan bearings giving way .
it could be a combination reasons.

You should have a look at the fan and the cooling fins. Remove the dust off with a brush and test.
Remove the fan from the laptop and test it. If its still making the same noises its time to replace the fan.
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