Monitoring my network

I need to monitor my network and on many ways and if anyone has any idea it will be helpfull here are some of the things I have on my network.
I have a network with 2 domain controlllers, and one Exchange Server, switches, routers (cisco ) and machines.  I need to monitot the EX  the mailbox and problems with the aplication, on the DC im concern about DNS and Replication and making sure is doing it. on my Switches and routers I need a event log of what erros  are going on both of them and the machines as well. It  would be helpfull if it had an image of my network and also I could use more than 1 monitoring tool no more than 4.
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A great tool that I have been using for the last few years is the Solar Winds Suite. Here is a link to the site: They have several tools for free and most of the paid for tools are top notch.

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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Solarwinds Orion is a decent option. Other options can be;


SolarWinds Orion      Propriety
WhatsupGold      Propriety
Observer      Propriety
Adventnet OP Manager      Propriety
ServerAlive      Propriety
CommView      Propriety
AirMagnet      Propriety

Open-Source NMS            

ZenOSS      LAMP based NMS
Nagios      LAMP based NMS
Hyperic HQ      LAMP based NMS
GroundWork      LAMP based NMS

I like WhatsUpGold and Observer also and in open-source Hyperic-HQ and Groundwork seem to be decent options.
Good point Uetian1707, WhatsupGold is a very good option to have running along side Solarwinds. Between the two of them you should be able to cover everything you need, plus some.
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I would suggest OpManager

easy to set up and install and Idiot proof!!!
marleon007Author Commented:
I have tried all your opinions, and Solarwinds and WhatsUpGold are pretty good, but none of them tell anything about my exchange server usage as far as problems with the Service, also they dont tell me anything about the Domain Controller replicating, those were some of my main concern.
If thats all your looking for in addition then try checking out this freeware tool:

If you want more info on it there is a good article on it here:

Hope that helps.
I use Zenoss and SNMP for all of my systems monitoring, it takes a bit to setup but once your done you can setup SNMP traps to catch any system event. Also you can set it up to watch any of the system's services and send you an email if the service faults somehow. I've got mine setup to watch all of my apache, samba, nfs, AD, SQL Server, Exchange, and Terminal Server services.
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