Communicating on network with two different subnets

Please reference attached topology if needed.

I have a network running on same physical layer but two different subnets.

Two devices with two different subnets travel on same fiber pair into the same end switch. That same end switch has two servers with one server on one subnet and one on the other subnet.

I need the two servers to be able to communicate to each other.  Server only has one NIC that is set for it's respective subnet. Servers running Windows Server 2003.

What is my best option?
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ENCOSEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sounds like we'll have to do this via software.

the quick and simple way would be to just add a secondary IP on one of the servers.
1. on Server Z, add a secondary IP of 192.168.100.x, same mask, but no additional Gateway, or
2. on Server A, add a secondary IP of 10.x.x.x, same mask, no Gateway

then both servers will be able to see each other.

Josh Kwok, MCSE, CCNP
There are many ways to accomplish this, and depending on what types of switches you have, the easiest way would be to run Layer3 routing on one of your switches.

otherwise, whatever your router / default gateway can also handle this.

couple questions i have:
1. can i have brand / models of each switch
2. what is the default gateway for each network? please provide brand and model.

Josh Kwok, MCSE, CCNP
AlldaypilotAuthor Commented:
This is a fairly simple network.  Receiving "office" switch is most likely a unmanaged                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Linksys SR224 (24 Port 10/100 Switch).

Edge switch would be a simple Linksys 5 port switch from a media converter.

Default gateway for the "S" server would be to the dsl modem

Default gateway for the "Z" is not currently set for anything.

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AlldaypilotAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I will try tomorrow and award points if it seems to fit my needs.

I wasn't sure if adding an additional IP was considered "proper" for this scenario as I thought it was mostly for a computer that can be on different networks at different times (ie work and home).

I also thought about adding a usb nic card on server "z" for the 192.168.100.x
You'd only need a 2nd USB NIC if they're on separate physical networks... but since you're on the same physical lan, it is perfectly acceptable to use additional IPs :)

when browsing, make sure you try with IP addresses first (i.e. \\192.168.100.x) because name resolution may not be 100% predictable.. but you can fix this by using host files, etc.

Josh Kwok, MCSE, CCNP
AlldaypilotAuthor Commented:
I think this is best and easier solution. Won't need to go beyond devices other than the servers seeing each other.
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