FLEX RTE - Wysiwig vs DOC vs RTF vs TXT?

This is a text markup question. I really didnt know where to post it, but since I am currently dong a project in Flex I thought i would start with that. I have noticed that some online RichTextEditors allow you to copy their content to different media and it preserves their format while others convert to plain text.  I was playing with FCKEditor and could copy the data I formatted from the website to a Word Document and it preserved it. On the other hand, I cannot take data formatted in RTF and do the same thing.

I would love if someone could give me an overview of the different text formats and how they differ. Doc vs RTF vs plain Text. Thanks for any light that you can shed!
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Flex uses a proprietary format not recognised by other editors, e.g.


You have no control over the clipboard format in Flex apps, but if you use Air you can possibly use the Clipboard class to try to build a clipboard format that e.g. Word might be able to use.

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Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
In a nutshell:

TXT - text file containing just text and no formatting.
RTF - rich text format - file with FORMATTED text. Which means you can have text italicized, bolded, insert bullet points and paragraphs.
DOC - you can have all of RTF features and more: embed pictures/graphs tables and other more advanced features into document.
Key being that Word RTF is not the same as Flex RTF.
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20lbMonkeyAuthor Commented:
I figured as much. DO you know if there is anything that exists that will allow a person to export the FLEX RTF and convert it into a format that is legible in Word?

Some sort of a server side scripting object?
I don't see why that shouldn't be possible, either send the htmlText of the Flex RTE directly to the server for processing, or via ExternalInterface to Javascript or other object running in the browser for processing, or process it in Flex before sending anywhere.

Getting it into the clipboard might be a challenge.

There are numerous attempts to convert it to valid HTML etc. (search for 'export valid html richtexteditor').
20lbMonkeyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the brief lesson and also sending me in the right direction. You always help mplord. Thank you JOrzech as well!
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Glad to be of some minor assistance here :)

Thank you.

Joanne Orzech
EE Zone Advisor
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