Urgent! My Book Essential Edition 250GB (West Digital external hardrive) stopped working. Help please!!

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I bought this external hardrive about two years ago.  It had been working great so I loaded all my family pictures.  As I needed to change a new desk, I unplugged My Book but next day I found it stopped working propertly.  It spins at beginning and then the green light just keeps on blinking.   I can't find the hardrive in my computer.  It can't start up and give me the following message: " The specified I/O operation on \device harddisk\DR3 was not completed before the time-out period expired."   What had happened? Is my data still safe there? What should I do?  Please help!!
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If you're almost sure the drive doesn't work on any pc in this state I should open the harddrive cover, and attach the harddisk to a sata port on your pc. Then boot your pc and see if it's accessable in Windows Explorer. If not, open disk management to see if the drive is listed there.

If the drive doesn't show up in explorer neither disk management, there's a big chance the drive is broken. You can contact the support of your harddrive manufacturer to see if the disk is still in it's warranty period. If not, you can consider sending the harddisk to a professional recovery center.
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The MyBook enclosures may be difficult to open up, but you need to bypass the enclosure electronics and connect the drive directly to a desktop.  Once that is done, download GetDataBack (www.runtime.org) and see if it can detect your drive.  If it can't, there is a slim chance that freezing it in a ziplock bag and then trying to access it after connecting it may work.  Otherwise, if the data is very important, you will need to pay for a data recovery service like www.gilware.com or www.ontrackdatarecovery.com for a professional recovery.  Whatever you do, do not connect it as a boot drive or write to it, as that will reduce the chances of recovery.
It's possible that the hard drive is fine it's the enclosure that it's in that may be faulty. If you take the hard drive out of the enclosure and plug the drive into a computer directly, if the computer see's the drive and if your able to access the drive then most likely the problem is with the enclosure. Taking the drive out of the enclosure will most likely void the warranty.
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