Cisco 2620 IOS problem

Wondering if any one can help. I have a Cisco 2620 router, that I have placed the latests IOS on to


I started with the standard IP version but have also tried IP Plus. Accourding to cisco both these images have the IP SLA feature in them. Although I can't find them any where.

I was just wondering does any one else use 2620's and if so does any one use the "IP SLA" function.
What image works, these routers jsut sit on a test network so it would be very usefull if I can get this working.

Thank you.

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Aaron StreetTechnical infrastructure architectureAsked:
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which sla feature are you exactly looking for?
do you have 2620XM or a regular 2620. They have SLA available for ciso 2620XM but not regular 2620. you can go to feature navigator to look for yourself. I think you have to have a CCO account. here is the link if you do. just click on search by feature
Aaron StreetTechnical infrastructure architectureAuthor Commented:
Yes if you serch by platform

IP (plus)

and you will see all the IP SLA functions in the list.

At the moment I am jsut lookign at the IP SLA icmp echo commands, to use for tracking with hsrp. but I should be able to get all the features on this platform?

its only a test router, but it woudl be nice to be able to play around with this with out having to use my live network
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Aaron StreetTechnical infrastructure architectureAuthor Commented:
as you can see from the screen shot, Cisco seem to think all the 12.3 IOS have this feature?
i have tried all the images on my cisco 2620 and i have not been able to use the ip sla command on any of them. you may ask cisco. i have  2621XM and it works on those routers but not my 2620s

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Aaron StreetTechnical infrastructure architectureAuthor Commented:
Still havent got a deffinate answer to this, even from CISCO them selves!

however chears for testing it and it's nice to know that its not only me who sees this.

If any one knows a cheap (few £100) router that can run the latest IOS and has these features I would be interested to hear about it, if possible with mutiply routered ethernet ports.

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