Adpatec 2140SA Raid logical drive says "building/verifying" 6% and doesn't improve

We have a server with a 2140SA RAID controller. The controller has 4 drives configured as 2 RAID 1 logical drives.  

One of logical drives states it's Building/Verifying, and has been at 6% for hours.  See screen shot from Adapted Storage Manager.

Anyone know why/what to do?
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TheIteam3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That is too slow. I had a 2tb array on the same series of controller and it took less than 18 hours to complete.
Make sure you have backups...

It is possible one of the drives is damaged. I assume you had to replace a drive after a failure. If so, try another drive.

I have seen large arrays take over a day to build/verify.
Update the firmware on the controller.
knobbylowboyAuthor Commented:
Hi Thelteam3, thanks for your response.

Firmware is up to date.

14 hours later, and now it says 11%.

I think we'll backup and replace both drives over the weekend...

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knobbylowboyAuthor Commented:
Have replaced both drives in the 500GB array.  All Ok.  BUT....

Both drives passed a full Seagate Disk Tools test. the system drive (which has one brand new drive in, one older one) is doing the same thing.  has been building/verifying for 4 days.  on 40% now...  

suggestions?  I'm thinking it's the controller, not the drives...
TheIteam3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest you are on the right track. Funny as it sounds, flash it with an older firmware. The newest may have a glitch. Or, if it's still under warranty, rma it.
knobbylowboyAuthor Commented:
Ok, looks like the card.

Basically it's flipping from verifying one, to the other and back again.  Repeatedly.  

Will have to replace it.
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