cannot get into recovery console without password trough disk

I have converter 4.0.1 m a windows 2000 SP4, everything seems ok when i do the convesion but when i start the machine i get a bluce screen

STOP: 0x0000001E (0xC0000005, 0x8045D9BF, 0x0000000, 0x001A0018)


Address 8045D9BF base at 80400000, Datestamp 45069e6e - ntoskrnl.exe

I know that there are alot of threats about it like this that gave a soloution

but i don't have recovery console, and when i get into recovery console trough the disk i don't have the password for it , and the local administrator dosenot fit somehow.

i can't get into safe mod or somthing like that,

i tried to install the recovery console on the source server and then make another P2V but then i get into it trough the Boot Options it said that i have a Disk error.

so now what can i do?

i made this couple time so another Conversion is not neccessery again
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za_mkhIT ManagerCommented:
You can reset the local admin password on the physical server before you do the P2V. this will then allow you to log in via safe mode on your virtualized machine to sort out any hardware dependent software that is still running on the server.
Windows 2000 SP4 machines do need that hotfix mentioned in the VMware thread , to be installed on them for it to work. I encountered the same issue when trying to P2V some of our old win2k servers.
Hope this helps!
za_mkhIT ManagerCommented:
The other way of doing this, is to use a BARTPE CD So in your P2V'ed machine, Boot the VM of the BartPE CD. This will allow it to see the 'hard drives' of your VM. Then just copy the scsiport file to the required location.
If you don't have BartPE ... what you can also do is attach the VMDK of your P2Ved machine to another running virtual machine that you have and then replace the file as suggested.
shatztalAuthor Commented:
Yeah i tought about it but i don't want every time to do this , i have lots of 2k servers that the problem
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za_mkhIT ManagerCommented:
Well then you need to use that 'older' driver mentioned in the hotfix on your physical servers before you do the P2V ... personally, I would rather be safe and mess around go through the pain of injecting that driver on the virtual clones as it will not affect my production servers. This of course is me just playing it ultra safe.
za_mkhIT ManagerCommented:
I just remembered something, doesn't the VMWare Converter ask you for the hotfix when you do the P2V? Becuase if it does, then it automatically inject the correct drive into the virtual hard disk. My experience (a few months ago) was that it didn't work. So I had to manually put the driver in the VM.
shatztalAuthor Commented:
it still does not ask for the hotfix, the thing is that the problem is in mounting the VM's disks so i dno't understand how it would work if i inject the specific scsiport scsiport .
i need to exchange the original in the winnt folder?
za_mkhIT ManagerCommented:
Well, if you have lots of Win2K machines that will need the same fix applied to them after P2V. I would recommend this
1) Create a virtual WinXP/ Vista machine. of course it only will have one drive. Install it and make sure it works.
2) Then you P2V a win2k server. The P2V server will have one or more VMDKs created depending on how many drives the original server has.
3) You are only interested in the first drive of each P2V'ed Win2K server.
4) after the P2v is complete. Don't start the P2V'ed Server.
5) Now on your WinXP box, change your VM configuration and add another disk to it. But use an existing disk. This disk will be the new P2Ved disk you just created.
6) Startup your XP VM. You should now have two drives C and D for example. The D drive will be the C drive of your P2Ved Win2K server.
7) Now all you do is replace the file.
8) Shutdown your XP VM. Change your VMWare configuration and remove the disk you just added.
9) try to start your Win2K box ... it should hopefully start
Hope this helps!

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shatztalAuthor Commented:
didn;t help me sorry
can be closed
shatztalAuthor Commented:
the answer didn;t help me but a good idea. still i didnlt use the soloution
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