Recommenation for mail server software (groupware not mta)

Going to be upgrading our mail server in the near future and also moving over our antispam/antivirus onto the same box aswell.
I am looking for suggestions as to what to run on the server for offering webmail, calendar, contacts etc...

The server will be running :-
Cyrus IMAP - Same as existing server and is what I know so can move across mail and settings easier
Postfix - Its what I know and currently use on existing spam filter
Mailscanner with spamassassin and clamav - Current spam filter setup which works very well

I have looked at Horde which looks very good. Also looked at Zimbra but although it looks good it takes over all aspects of the mail handling so we would need to run a virtual machine to handle the spam and antivirus solution we have which is not ideal so I dont think I will be using it.

Any other packages I should take a look at?

We will mostly be using Thunderbird as an email client with some users forced to use Outlook due to using Goldmine.
Any comments on calendar, contacts syncronisation between the client and server would be welcome.
Likewise for any sync between Nokia mobile phones (6800 and E51 mostly) in Thunderbird.

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Morne LateganCommented:
The only system that gives you everything that you want, in my opinion, after searching for years, is Zimbra. It has its own virus and spam filtering built into it, and also runs postfix underneath, so you'll be able to integrate your current solution into it as well.

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grbladesAuthor Commented:
Yes I could integrate my current spam filtering into it but I would need to customise the postfix install by removing the settings to use amavis and running Mailscanner instead.

Do you know what it uses as the IMAP store though?
I know I can use imapsync but the ability to move across all the settings and permissions would be very usefull.
Morne LateganCommented:
It has its own IMAP server written in Java. So your options would be to either use imapsync, or the outlook import wizard.
grbladesAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks. I have installed zimbra in a virtual server in order to have a play but it doesnt appear to really support shared folders unless you have them shown under a dummy user and then give access to people.

I think I will stick with Cyrus which has the group folders and permissions that we currently make use of. Unfortunetly that means Zimbra is out of the shortlist.
Morne LateganCommented:
If you want to role your own calendar and contacts server, you can look into funambol, which provides synchronization of contacts and calendars between mobile devices as well as several mail clients, including thunderbird and outlook. It won't be groupware, though, but for some it will be enough.
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