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HP Prolient VMware 3.50.0

I have just upgarded  the system management home page  and HP agents on 3 Prolient servers running VMware 3.5.0  and when I login I see not no data.  On all three servers  are ther same no data. the agents are now 8.20
has anybody seen this problem before.
system model  NULL
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1 Solution
No! Mines all works! Have you correctly configured your SNMP file?
Uninstalled the HPSIM on one server, and go through the process again .. that should solve it.
What Proliant hardware are you running?
thombieAuthor Commented:
I am running DL 380 G5
I am using my old smtp file
I have uninstalled about 3 times. it still does not work.
That is very strange. I have run that on our HP DL 380 G4/G5, DL 360G4 / G5 with no issue.
I just had to check on the HP website because I remembered that the process since 8.20 changed.
Previously after extracting files all you had to do was run the once install but from 8.20 there are two steps to the install process
Did you follow these instructions:
To ensure the integrity of your download, HP recommends verifying your results with this MD5 Checksum value: a8ea78acddbbd21667f6faf8b424db51 hpmgmt-8.2.0-vmware3x.tgz

Login as the system administrator (root), download the package to a directory on your hard drive and change to that directory. Unpack the contents of the package by typing: tar -zxvf hpmgmt-8.2.0-vmware3x.tgz

This will create two new directories (/hpmgmt/820) under your current directory.
Change to the new ./hpmgmt/820 directory and view the README file for installation instructions.
The installation steps have changed for this version.

The installation of the agents now consists of 2 steps:  the execution of the script "PreInstall_step.sh"  the execution of the script "installvm820.sh"

Please review the README.txt file for more details regarding the installation of the agents
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thombieAuthor Commented:
Yes is very stange  I have followed he proccedures install goes with out a hitch
Hmm .. ok .. I'm all out of ideas then! Sorry
thombieAuthor Commented:
found the problem  this line needed to be added to the snmpd.conf. file

dlmod cmaX               /usr/lib/libcmaX.so
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