Outlook 2007 and sharepoint calendar

I have a group of users who are accessing the intranet (sharepoint 2007) internally and can't seem to sync a sharepoint calendar in their outlook 2007. The first time they access a sharepoint calendar and click on connect to outlook, it works well. But a subsequent send/receive causes an error "Task 'Sharepoint' reported error (0x80070005): 'You do not have permission to view this Sharepoint list. Contact the Sharepoint site administrator. HTTP 302.'
We have setup a redirection on IIS from http to https, which seems to cause the issue. The minute we remove the https redirection, it works and allows the sync.
The strange thing is that the rest of us (external access) can sync sharepoint and outlook without an issue. It seems to be a problem as they are accessing it locally (internal url), though by-passing ISA.
Any ideas? Please help.
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sue_josephConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We found out what was causing the issut. Apparently we had an internal name assigned to the intranet zone. Since this was our intranet and we had added it to the intranet zone in IE, staff were being directed to the local url. It is all sorted now.
screen-nameConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are the alternate access mappings setup in sharepoint?


sue_josephAuthor Commented:
Yes there is and we have made the default https. This is what it currently looks like.
The default zone is set to https://servername.
Internet zone is https://sitename.com and
Intranet zone is http://servername.
As i said earlier, we want a user to access the https version of the site, so we have a redirection in place on IIS. Users even within the network will access the site using https://sitename.com.

Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks!
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