Cisco Unified Comms 7

I am looking at setting up a lab using Cisco Unified Comms manager 7.

So far, the i believe the best fit for what i need is the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series (UC520-24U-4BRI-K9).

I will need to use several phones with this, have been looking at the 7960G-CH1. My questions are as follows:

1) is the licences included in the 7960G-CH1 compatable with UCM 7? If not, what licence do i need?

2) Do in need to use the multi-channel phone, or does UCM handle this, in which case, what would be a better option.

3) The 500 series comes with analogue connection ports (BRI or FXO), i assume that we can use a voip termination provider to do away with the analogue lines comming into the office. Is anyone aware of a good service provider for this kind of service. Thats to say, we buy a non-geographical number from someone and point it at an IP address for making calls from our voip system to a customers external analogue line
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jjmartineziiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the UC500 does NOT run CUCM7. It runs CME which is a scaled down version of CUCM. When you buy the UC500, you buy license packs that let you know the amount of phones you can use with it.

As far as ITSP's are concered, I don't know of any good ones but I believe the UC500 supports SIP trunks from ITSP's.
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