HP 1022n printing problems

When printing from a HP 1022n printer, the sheets come out with black streaks on it. This doesn't appare all time. Maybe in 2-3 of 10 printings. Any solution?
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Check pages 100 onward in the service manual for diagnosing and solving this
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Take from

There are many possible causes. You'll have to do a bit of detective work to find your particular problem. Depending on whether your streaks are black or paper, you're either getting unwanted toner, or the printing process is being interrupted.

The photosensitive drum can get a mark or a spot or even a damaged area. This usually presents as a regular area which repeats, going down the print, rather than a streak It may be possible to clean the drum with a soft tissue -- perhaps with the addition of a little Isopropyl alcohol. If you have a replacement drum, try that. In most cases the drum is part of the cartridge, but not always.
Loose toner in the system. If your drum is leaking, or you've spilled some toner inside the printer (perhaps after shaking the cartridge to get more life out of it) the excess toner may cling to the paper in streaks and get fused onto it. The cure is a good vacuum clean of the insides. (See Is dust a problem in my monitor? )
Sometimes a small corner of a sheet of paper (or similar) can get caught in the workings of the printer, This can obscure part of the optical (especially with LED printers) and cause a blank streak in the printing. Dust and toner on the LED head can cause similar problems and fuzzy printing. Tissue and alcohol again!


Many people point to a faulty fuser unit or Drum - Try replacing these components too, however, more information can be found using the link above.


Try changing the drum/toner unit. If the blade is dirty or defective, you will see black streaks coming out on the page.
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