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The basic font type has changed on my server.  When my clients access my  database (front end is MS Access; back end is MS SQL Server) on the server, the font is different than what it was.  Changing display properties on the server and client does nothing to change the font type.  I suspect some change in the registry has occurred.  What can I do? Thx.
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thenelsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I am understanding your question correctly:
The fonts displayed in Access come from the front end Computer. Go to Control Panel - Fonts And see if the font is registered. If not You need to install it.
cquinnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Access picks up the fonts/colours etc from the current display theme on the user's PC - if you want them to always appear in the same font and colours, you must set these explicitly in the form designs.

Your clients may have a default company theme/style which is different to yours.

Changes on the server will have no effect on the client machines
Note: If you set a font explicitly in a form or report, that front must be registered in the OS. If it isn't, Window's will select a substitute.
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